Are you still available for questions?

Sure! Due to safety reasons surrounding the coronavirus, there are currently fewer people present at our Customer Service Department.
As a result, it may take longer for us to reply to your message. 

You can reach our Customer Service Department by e-mail: 
The response time of our customer service is currently 4 working days.

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Does it affect the delivery of my free boxer shorts?

We cannot guarantee the normal delivery time of 7 working days for your free boxer shorts, due to traffic at the local post service. The delay at this moment is 9 days.
Did you still not receive your free boxer shorts after 16 days? Please contact our Customer Service Team. 

This message was last modified on April 20th 2021.

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Does it affect the delivery of my monthly boxer shorts?

We will do our best to deliver your order. Your package comes from the Netherlands, which means that the delivery time is a lot longer and your package may be delayed at this time due to traffic with the local post service

Did we debit your account on the 30th of April? Then you may receive our latest design 'Glory' this month around the 17th of May.
This is always indicated in your account.

Still haven't received anything after the 25th of May? Please contact our customer service. They will solve it for you!

This message was last modified on the 7 of May 2021.

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